Aikido was created by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) in Japan. Ueshiba trained throughout his entire life many budo arts and aikido is based on his experiences. One of the most important budo masters that influenced Morihei Ueshiba was Sokaku Takeda (1860-1943) who taught Morihei Ueshiba Daito ryu aiki-jutsu.

    Morihei Ueshiba was also very religious man and thus shintoism (Omoto kyo) has a strong influence in the creation of Aikido. In the year 1942 Aikido was officially recognized as Morihei Ueshiba’s unique form of budo: “the way of harmony”.

    Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969)

    The practitioners of aikido try to develop a harmony between themselves and the environment through the control of mind and body. The central principle of aikido is that the opponent should never be harmed and excessive force should not be used. The techniques of aikido are based on guiding the opponent with circular movements and controlling the opponent using his own force. The movements in aikido are soft and natural; relaxation and correct timing of movement are of utmost importance.

    In aikido people train to use for example joint locks, throws and also some weapons techniques. Because you do not need to use your on strength while doing aikido, it is very well suited also for women and aikido can also be practiced by elderly. On the other hand aikido is excellent physical excercise for keeping fit, motor co-ordination and balance. Aikido uses rank system (kyu grades with white belt and dan grades with black belt) but unlike many other budo arts there is no competion. The goal is not to defeat the opponent but to win over oneself. Aikido has been practiced in Finland since the beginning of 1970 and currently there are about 3000 practitioners.

    Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of aikido, has said that there are no winners or losers in aikido because this would only cause new fights.

  • Aikido club of Rovaniemi Ryu koku kan!: Aikido came to Rovaniemi in the year 1991 by Hannu Reinikoski from Kajaani. The name Ryu koku kan (which means “the club of a valley of the dragons”) was given by Minoru Kanetsuka sensei.

    Ryu koku kan has been a member of Finnish aikido federation Finland-Aikikai from the first year of its existence. The club is officially registered association (reg. number 187.052).

    'We follow Seigo Yamaguchi-sensei, Seishiro Endo-sensei and Matti Joensuu-sensei bathways'

  • Customer care: In addition to teaching aikido for adults and for children, Ryu koku kan organizes yearly exhibitions, seminars, testing for kyu grades and evening gatherings.

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