Aikido is a soft and dynamic self defense art. The goal is to end conflict peacefully, with least possible physical / mental damage. The attacker is not physically damaged instead his attacking force is guided with spiral movement into direction that forces the attacker to unbalance himself. One of the goals in aikido is to realize the insanity of violence and to seek for peaceful means to solve conflicts. The purpose of aikido is to protect life, not to harm others.

Aikido is practiced safely and by following the limitations of each practitioner. In aikido there is no need for physical strength since the idea is to guide the attackers force instead of using the defenders physical strength. In the beginning the training is slow and the target is to build up the basics for more advanced and faster training. Balance, coordination, fitness and flexibility develop as the aikido training advances. Aikido is suitable to almost all women and men of all ages and sizes. You can practice aikido for the rest of your life!

There is no competition in aikido! In competition, there is always a loser who wants to have a rematch. Thus competition increases fighting instead of bringing harmony and peace.

Welcome to the enjoy Aikido in good club!

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